The Climate Risk Disclosure Project delivers compiled summaries of corporate narrative disclosures on various sustainability issues.

Narrative climate-related disclosures embedded in the text of thousands of lengthy securities filings can be difficult to find, read and compare across peers, sectors and time. Yet investors and other stakeholders need this information to judge how ready companies are for a resource-constrained future.

Easy-to use filtered searches allow users to navigate directly to what individual companies are saying, in their annual SEC reports to shareholders, about climate change, water, hydraulic fracturing and carbon asset risk and their strategies for addressing these.

By pioneering automated analytical tools and interactive visual features, the Climate Risk Disclosure Project promotes transparency about the risks and impacts of climate change to companies and industries as well as about how individual companies are addressing these challenges. The quality of these disclosures vary considerably, giving investors a sense of individual company preparedness.

The Climate Risk Disclosure Project is a free resource and a work in progress. The plan is to keep it in the public domain while continuing to develop more sophisticated analytical and interactive strategies.

To further this collaborative undertaking, inquiries from academics, technicians, regulators, analysts, shareholder activists and other interested parties are warmly invited.